Personally, I thought this gluten-free craze was just another pile of garbage.  Recently though, I’ve started noticing a correlation between being bloated and the amount of bread I’ve consumed.  I’m not quite sure if this correlation is accurate, I’m still A/B testing it.  However, this article’s explanation of how glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, which is used during a pre-harvest of wheat, has been shown to decrease the amount of positive probiotics.  This would also explain, not only the nation’s newer craze for yogurt, but also why, when I consume yogurt on a daily basis, I don’t have issues with bloat.

I’m honestly not on the gluten train yet and not sure I will be, but this has now become much more top of mind for me as the results are certainly not pleasant.  I’d like more info/research/data on this.