So, I moved back to Wordpress. I’ve been with Tumblr for a couple years now. It was pretty good overall, but I recently came to the conclusion that one of the reasons I don’t blog more is because of how much I hate the writing experience on Tumblr. When composing a post, it supplies you a tiny textarea for which to write. It’s almost as if it’s encouraging you to writer shorter posts, which I assume is the case. The problem is, I want a blog, not a microblogging platform. I have Twitter for that. Or, I can use Wordpress if I desire.

Wordpress doesn’t come without it’s own issues. I’m very well aware of them and they are pretty frustrating. The codebase itself is a disaster, being written in php4, and a highly functional codebase. I do prefer some OO goodness. Nonetheless, I’m making the jump back.

I want better control over my urls, assets, features and functionality as well as customization. Tumblr, naturally, didn’t offer much of this. I do think Tumblr is a nice blogging platform for the average Joe. I just don’t fit the category. So, back on Wordpress for a while.