I just gave SaneBox a go. It was short-lived. I may try it again soon. The issue is that I have a lot of email addresses. Paying $100/yr. per email address (they did offer me a 25% discount when I chose to cancel (good idea)) really didn’t make sense to me. It does look like a cool service and I can’t really say for certain if it’s worth it or not. I still need to give it a real go - maybe some other time. But, I did really love their cancellation message. Here’s why…

Startups constantly struggle with client perception of the product. The old adage and agile approach of “ship now” and “release; iterate often” is, in general, a good approach for startups. However, it leaves many early customers with the perception that what they see of a product is what it will always be. Most customers don’t understand how software development and startups, in general, work. Instead, they think when they try out a service, that’s what it is, forever and always. In reality, that’s far from the truth. Software is a living breathing beast that is always a work in progress, improving, pivoting, backtracking, growing, etc.

Therefore, I found this take-away message to be well fitting and deserved - kudos SaneBox.

Please try us again soon! Hopefully by then, we will be fit and tanned and ready for the relationship you always dreamed of!